“In a world which bridges the gap between Sci-Fi & Fantasy, a magical young boy with fiery powers follows in his sisters footsteps to become the next protector of Sanctum, until a maniacal tyrant breeds chaos threatening to reveal the dark secrets that led to world peace” Our story follows 16 yr old, Kenji Shiburama, residing in the high tech futuristic watery landscape of Luca, as he joins the prestigious Sanctum Academy to become a guardian of his nation. Dreaming of reaching his big sister Demi’s level as ‘Sanctum Knight’ to protect the world, he is soon faced with the weight of his new enrolment within a world split by a culture war.


Even with solutions for renewable energy and resources, not even magic, technology or monsters can overcome the human condition. As a rare species of human known as the ‘Aeons’, Kenji is gifted with a unique ability of being able to manifest his soul as magic, and even transform into a large fiery wolf, subjecting Kenji to an over confidence that will only land him in trouble as we follow his coming of age journey.


Aided by his new friends and team mates, a band of diverse and eclectic characters with unique abilities of their own, we quickly discover not everyone see’s them as saviours. Now, some weapons aren’t just manufactured, but born. Before they can settle into their new roles, the resurgence of a Pulsian tyrant, Lamar, gives rise to chaos and disorder threatening the already unstable peace between the nations of the world. Lamar leads a rebellion to fight back against the world order with two goals in mind... rid the world of false gods, and deliver the planet back to it’s people.


Our heroes, with the aid of Luca’s own veterans of the past, attempt to hunt and stop Lamar before his reach spreads across the world. As they navigate the vast, beautiful, and exotic landscapes of Luca, Pulse, Reveen, and Bahrem, our heroes will begin to unravel secrets that find themselves questioning which side they’re fighting for or who to believe.


TAMERA: The Animated Series is a fresh new exciting animated series currently in development by start up collective 'Roundtable Productions'. As a creative company run by creatives, for the creatives we embody the belief of collaboration with others and are currently and always looking to expand our artistic fields and work with like minded individuals and companies and continue to do so.

We hope to share with you the first glimpse of our amazing project soon and join us in the world of TAMERA!



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