Kenji Shiburama – Kenji is a fiery and courageous 16yr old teen who often jumps into situations without thinking, but there is no question as to his determination and loyalty to his friends. Being the youngest of the group his naivety shows when he struggles to recognise situations or the intentions of his comrades, but also tends to inspire others frequently with his actions. Kenji’s ability is fire and his Aeon transformation is a wolf.

Demivier Shiburama – Demi, also known as the Black Knight of  Sanctum, serves the role as symbol of power for Sanctum and a role model to all aspiring guardians. She is revered and feared by many, but those close to her witness a very over-caring and mothering nature towards those she holds close. Demi comes across extremely sarcastic to some and almost obnoxious due to her reputation causing little privacy in her spare time. Demi’s true power is yet to be fully revealed.

Bella Akari - Bella is the heroine of the story, growing from a cautious girl to a strong willed and determined member of the team. Bella hails from a rich family background but rejects the stereotype by deliberately dressing down and wanting to be judged solely based on her personality. Bella’s power is crystal shields and healing whilst her transformation is a phoenix.

Ren Austin – Ren is a very aggressive and vengeful person who found himself neglecting his past in favour of violence to solve his problems. Similar to Indigo, Ren became an oprhan of war and was left to roam the streets of Sanctum creating a new identity and persona for himself. Ren uses lightning and transforms into a dragon. Why? Because if he told you his story you still wouldn’t believe it, just like his transformation.

Indigo Siri–  Indigo is a very wary and  stand off-ish girl, often reluctant to open up to others keeping her emotions at bay and rarely letting her guard down. Becoming an orphan of war from a young age and having to relocate to unkown territory, she had to quickly learn to fight for herself. This spawned her powers as an Aeon where she has an increased sensitivity to sight, sound, and smell as well as a poisonous touch. Her transformation is the cobra to resemble her ability to hide after having faced racial hatred due to her origins.

Tobias Ezra - Tobias is a very gentle, relaxed, and thoughtful person who often plays the role of peacekeeper in the team. Although not much is known about his past, he seems to have a vast Intelligence and is very successful in academics, attracting the eyes and interests of friend and teammate Rama. Tobias has a super speed ability as an Aeon, but no other known powers or transformation.

Rama Cabella – Rama composes herself as a very excitable, outgoing, and loud person who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Rama is a gifted scientist and inventor who relies on technology to protect herself. She is a deeply caring person who can come across as slightly overwhelming, bringing a lot of much needed comic relief at key times. Rama is not an Aeon with powers but values the company of her self-made companion K.I.K.I the cyber cat.

K.I.K.I - Kiki is Rama's homemade cyber pet who also roles as a super advanced AI. She is extremely affectionate and protective of Rama often makes her friends uncomfortable but at her core, she is an adoring member of the group who always has a trick or two up her paw.

Jay Bastion -  Jay is a loner type rebellious man who was once known as the Golden Knight of Sanctum. Seemingly a cocky, big headed, self-centred rogue who was branded as a deserter of the knights, we soon discover there’s a lot more to the drink fuelled, smoking cowboy. Jay likes to distance himself from Sanctum’s affairs claiming to have left that life behind. A man who seemingly “lost” everything in the war and in turn has some lessons to pass onto our heroes in training, Jay is referred to as the “strongest” member of the knights but insists it was Demi who had the most power. Jay’s ability is gravity and his transformation is the golden sun lion.

Principal Sill – Sill is the head of Sanctum Academy and therefore the head of its military force. He is highly respected among his peers and manages his personnel kindly whilst still having to make hard decisions, even against the wishes of his colleagues. Sill believes only in the best interest of the nation and is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. He displays a very broad intelligence and is referred to as the “All Seeing Eye”, seemingly being able to anticipate what people are thinking or going to do next. On occasion he is also known to emit enormous amounts of power without attacking in times of demanding order. His true power is unknown as his transformation.

Lamar – True name unknown, Lamar serves as the villain of the story. Although not much is known of his origins, Lamar leads the rebellion against the academies and Aeons, claiming to want to rid the world of false gods and deliver it back to the people. Lamar displays a vast level of Intelligence and dignity, making him all the more frightful. He displays a clear prowess in hand to hand combat and strength as witnessed by the knights of Sanctum firsthand, who were specifically forged to tackle him in the past. Lamar Is the only known person to have fought the knights and survived. Although he has no transformation, he is an Aeon capable of extracting and destroying the souls of fellow Aeons killing them instantly.


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